The Diamond Phoenix (Shuttle Loop System) comprises a number of self-driven steering mobile units, fast and independent, that move on a closed circuit that is composed of a looped monorail anchored to the ground (automatic monorail system). Self-driven systems feature high-level operational flexibility.
The advantages of such systems is enhanced by the additional possibility of installing the monorail in the air, in order to avoid all those limitations that rails anchored to the ground would inevitably create in the plant layout.

Type of load
Pallets, boxes, cartons, trays, racks, skids.
“Loose” pieces: finished and semi-finished products, raw materials, etc.

Multiple loads
Handling of single articles or multiple handling.

Load weight and size
From 20 kg to 1500 kg (special models for higher weights).
From 90 dm3 to 1100 dm3 (special models for larger sizes).

Rail shape and length
Any layout, as long as it is coplanar.

System potential
Speed up to 5 m/s for each shuttle.