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Meet Diamond Phoenix & Cassioli at IMHX 2019


For modern companies it’s very important to find innovative solutions that enable the needs of an increasingly diverse clientele to be met in time. This is why it is necessary to maximize efficiency, reduce the time and operational costs of processes and increase productivity.

IMHX 2019


Cassioli provides automated handling, storage/picking systems and assembly lines for every kind of industry. Headquartered in Italy, Cassioli is an international supplier for everything related to handling and storage systems, such as stackers cranes, ASRS warehouses, satellites and shuttle systems, AGV / LGV, transportation systems, robotized and test areas, bespoke equipment, management software (WMS, WCS) and many others.
Cassioli and partner Diamond Phoenix Automation, our sole agent in the UK and Ireland, are exhibiting at IMHX, Hall 18, Stand A7, on the AMHSA Pavilion, to show visitors innovative automatic systems for modern industry, capable of producing significant profits in terms of time and costs.

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IMHX 2019: the exhibition

The International Materials Handling Exhibition (IMHX) will take place on 4 days from Tuesday, 24. September to Friday, 27. September 2019 in Birmingham. IMHX is the UK’s premier event showcasing thousands of products and services from all sectors of the logistics, materials handling and storage industries. It will bring together every element of the materials movement supply chain, from goods-in via the loading bay, to their storage and use on site through to goods-out and beyond.

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The SILO range from ICAM offers automated, space-efficient and secure storage and retrieval

Diamond Phoenix Automation is appointed authorised dealer for ICAM’s Silo range


Issued 8 May 2019 – for immediate release

Diamond Phoenix Automation is appointed authorised dealer for ICAM’s Silo range in the UK and Eire.
ICAM, the Italian manufacturer of automated storage systems, has signed an agreement with Diamond Phoenix Automation for the distribution of its SILO range of vertical lift modules (VLMs) in the UK and Eire.

The SILO range from ICAM offers automated, space-efficient and secure storage and retrieval
The SILO range from ICAM offers automated, space-efficient and secure storage and retrieval

From its base in Putignano, Southern Italy, ICAM has successfully exported its innovative automated storage systems for over 60 years and is now continuing its international expansion by targeting the British and Irish markets. “We are very pleased to announce our partnership with Diamond Phoenix Automation,” commented Fabio Ostuni, ICAM’s Business Development Manager. “By combining the unique technical features of our SILO VLMs with the in-depth local market knowledge of Diamond Phoenix Automation, we are confident that we can meet the needs of many prospective customers in the UK and Eire.”

Diamond Phoenix Automation is a market-leading provider of material handling and picking solutions. “We offer a wide range of logistics technologies,” said Keith Washington, the company’s Technical Director, “and the SILO VLM range completes our portfolio, so this is a very exciting development for us. The partnership with ICAM will help Diamond Phoenix Automation to meet specific customer needs in terms of storage solutions that are automated, flexible and intelligent, while providing an enhanced cost/capacity ratio and a faster ROI.”

SILO solutions are ideal for rapid supply of small parts or for order picking
SILO solutions are ideal for rapid supply of small parts or for order picking

The SILO series of vertical storage solutions features a central vertical lift system for the automatic retrieval of items and delivery to an access opening mechanism, according to the goods-to-person principle. Modular and ergonomic in design, there are various SILO models to suit intensive storage of a variety of items such as containers, trays or cartons, as well as long or bulky items. “ICAM’s SILO solutions are versatile and space-efficient,” explained Keith Washington, “so they are ideal for a wide variety of distribution and manufacturing applications such as small parts or component storage, buffer storage of semi-finished goods and picking of slow-moving or high-value items.”

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About Diamond Phoenix Automation

Diamond Phoenix Automation is a market leader in the design, integration and installation of innovative material handling systems. The company has a proven track record of helping clients to implement and integrate new systems such as carton and pallet conveyors, crane stores and picking solutions. Known as a company with deep material handling knowledge and experience across many different industry sectors, Diamond Phoenix Automation understands that the world of automation changes constantly and that the resulting complexities demand intelligent and adaptive solutions. Prospective clients expect real and effective solutions to the tough challenges they face and the experience of Diamond Phoenix Automation, combined with its 24/7 support, gives them the confidence to invest.

About ICAM

Founded in 1957, ICAM designs and manufactures automated storage and filing systems. Based in Putignano, Italy, ICAM offers tailor-made and intelligent solutions – based on highly flexible, modular, interoperable technologies – which improve the protection and management of materials and facilitate their retrieval, allowing for optimal utilisation of available space. The company’s product range includes state-of-the-art Automated Vertical & Horizontal Lift Modules, Vertical Carousels, Mobile Racking/Shelving Systems and Multi-robot Storage Systems, designed to satisfy the intralogistics needs of the industrial, office, healthcare, city logistics and retail markets. Thanks to large and ambitious investments in R&D, today ICAM ranks among the most innovative companies in Europe, with more than 3,200 installations in 50 countries, realised through a network of Sole Distributors and Authorized Dealers. ICAM is certified to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 3834, assuring product and procedure reliability and respect for the environment.

Company contact:
Keith Washington, Director
Diamond Phoenix Automation Ltd
Tel: 01908 592 354

Media contact:
Heidi Scott, Partner
Bridgeland Copyright
Tel: 01622 832598

Conveyor Maintenance & Support: Key issues

Why is maintenance of your conveyor and related systems important? The costs of the repair are usually the least of your worries. Damage to your good name is a cost you cant afford and failure to keep your system running efficiently, and repair quickly when needed, means failed deliverables and a loss of reputation no one wants. So good maintenance and highly skilled engineers used to diagnose and repair your systems promptly when they do let you down are critical to your organisation.

Below, we identify some of the most common reasons for breakdowns.
Emergency stop buttons are vulnerable by their very nature. Designed to fail to safe, they can be damaged and later stop your system at any time.

The number of stoppages due to this is amazing. A simple wipe with a duster and check for loose fixings on a regular basis can work wonders.

Worn & broken sprocket teeth caused by not following recommended maintenance procedures can lead to noise and vibration, broken seals, damaged shafts and worse.

Over or under tensioning of drive chains can lead to similar issues.

A regular point of failure due to the changing load requirements of many systems – this can also cause vibration throughout the system leading to other problems.

Modern Geared motors are extremely reliable but proper, regular maintenance is still required to avoid expensive failures.

Regular inspection throughout your system, especially at known points of vulnerability, is the best solution to keep it running to its optimum and to prevent unexpected failures.

At Diamond Phoenix we recognise that ongoing service & support are critical to the successful operation of our client’s enterprises. We offer our services for the support, maintenance, repair and upgrade of automated material handling systems provided by all manufacturers.

Diamond Phoenix Automation Ltd maintains a comprehensive network of service and maintenance engineers nationwide in the UK. They will repair & service your equipment on a determined schedule. As part of any annual service proposal, we also offer emergency breakdown support with an engineer guaranteed on site in less than 4hours to all but the most remote sites. We use teams based around the UK & Ireland – all coordinated through our own directly employed staff from our HQ in Central Milton Keynes – which can be accessed 24/7 through our 0800 priority telephone service.

Our customer base includes many blue chip companies. Clients utilising our service department in the UK include: Ikea, Lear Corporation, Wagg Petfoods, Nikon, Marks & Spencer, Dental Directory, Rolls-Royce, DHL, etc.

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Tote conveyor / carton conveyor

6 Tips for Better Conveyor System Maintenance

In the midst of a challenging economy and shrinking capital budgets, many companies are faced with the daunting challenge of keeping aging conveyor systems up and running well past when they’d ordinarily be heading to the scrap yard. Unlike a fine wine, mechanical equipment doesn’t usually get better with age. But there is hope for those who don’t have the luxury of upgrading to a brand new, state-of-the-art system any time soon, and Diamond Phoenix can help.

Here are a few conveyor system maintenance tips to keep those belts a-turning.

1. Maintenance Technician
The most commonly under appreciated heroes of every facility are the men and women wearing tool belts. One of the biggest mistakes we see companies make is to either not hire a maintenance technician or underpay one. Think about it, would you go to the cheapest doctor in town if you were sick? A good technician will correct small problems before they become big ones. In life, it all comes down to how you want to spend your money. Would you rather spend money on lost sales and unhappy customers when your system goes down and you can’t get the product out the door, or on a great maintenance technician? Hiring a good maintenance technician is not easy, and Diamond Phoenix can help by providing the right person for the job.

2. Spare Parts
Sell me a mechanical part that never needs to be replaced, and I’ll find you a sea front property in the Cotswold’s. There are certain things in this world you can pretty much bank on. The sun will come up tomorrow. Arsenal won’t win the Champions League. And mechanical parts are eventually going to fail (most likely at the worst possible time). Depending upon which part fails, a breakdown can halt production for a long time. Go long periods without replacing a failed part and serious damage could be inflicted on other parts of the system. We highly recommend keeping a safety stock of all critical and long lead time conveyor parts on hand. If this is not in the budget, we can work with you to ensure your critical parts are kept in stock at our warehouse.

3. Preventive Maintenance
If you only plan to fix stuff when it breaks, you’re going to be very busy fixing stuff. Mechanical equipment–including conveyors–must be maintained. Different parts of your system require different levels of preventive care. It’s no different than your car. Follow the recommended service schedule, and it will run a very long time. Don’t perform service on the car, and you’ll constantly be sitting on the side of the road. Diamond Phoenix can work with you to develop a comprehensive preventive maintenance plan. By following this, you will ensure yourself maximum system up-time.

4. System Audit & Documentation
It’s important to continually inspect your conveyor system to ensure it’s running smoothly. A lot of times you can hear and smell a small problem long before it becomes a big one. Unfortunately, those who are around the system every day have a hard time telling when something fails slowly over time. Diamond Phoenix can help by coming in and performing a complete system audit. By inspecting your entire system you will help ensure it is not headed toward catastrophic failure.

5. Obsolete Equipment & Parts
Sometimes money prohibits replacing entire systems. However, it’s important to stay current on what conveyor and parts within your system are obsolete and no longer being manufactured. Knowing this can help you and your company make wise business decisions. For example, if we know a particular type of conveyor is no longer being manufactured, we may determine it would be more financially prudent to stock additional spare parts for this piece of equipment than replace it in its entirety. Diamond Phoenix is constantly being made aware of equipment that is becoming obsolete, and we can help you prepare for this situation.

6. Repair Wisely
Maintaining a large material handling system can be overwhelming. It’s important that we think of needed repairs in terms of time. For example, if a bearing goes out in a center drive, the cost effective thing to do would be to replace the bearing only. However, the intelligent thing to do would be to replace both bearings and possibly the pulley. Taking the drive section apart takes time, usually a lot more time than actually changing out the components. It’s important to fix things intelligently. Maintaining conveyors can be a daunting job. However, with a little bit of organization and thought, you can extend the life of a conveyor system well beyond what the manufacturer claims.

Visit Diamond Phoenix at Intralogistex 2018

Diamond Phoenix, one of the industry’s leading designers and installers of ‘state of the art’ automated materials handling systems, are exhibiting with their partners, Cassioli at IntraLogisteX – 27th – 28th February 2018, Ricoh Arena, Coventry.
Diamond Phoenix are sole agents for Cassioli in the UK & Ireland, who have offices in Italy & manufacturing facilities around the World to provide automated handling and storage systems and assembly lines for every kind of industry.
The Cassioli production include:
With its 70 years of experience, Cassioli is a reliable partner for the production and storage processes.

IntraLogisteX is the only dedicated exhibition for logistics and supply chain solutions in 2018.

The two day exhibition is a comprehensive platform for all the latest cutting-edge technology available to transform your operations and give your business the power to stay one step ahead of the competition.

What’s happening at the Exhibition:

  • 100+ exhibitors demonstrating their technology, its practical application and competitive advantage
  • 1200+ visitors discovering how the latest solutions could be applied to their business for massive operational benefit
  • 20+ seminar sessions offering practical insight on technological innovations – no time wasted on theoretical discussions, get the real-world insight you need
  • Live demonstrations of solutions to get first hand insight into how they work in practice – source the right solution first time

Tuesday 27th February 2018         9.30 – 16.00
Wednesday 28th February 2018   9.30 – 15.30

Ericsson Exhibition Hall
Ricoh Arena
Phoenix Way

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Just a few hours at IntraLogisteX 2018 will provide logistics professionals with the solutions to current and future challenges, from the latest materials handling technologies to full-scale warehouse automation options.

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Graham Boner appointed to the board of Diamond Phoenix Automation Limited.

Diamond Phoenix is pleased to announce the appointment of Graham Boner. Graham joined the company at the start of 2013 following his time as UK General Manager and Director with System Logistics of Italy, a Worldwide top ten company in the intralogistics field and prior to that five years as Systems Division Manager at Wakefield Storage.

Keith Washington, Director and Co-owner of Diamond Phoenix commented “we are delighted to have Graham join us and I look forward to working with him again. Having worked together previously for more than 10 years I have no doubt that he will help ensure our continued success and growth. His particular expertise in small item “each picking” and associated software will be very useful for our clients”.

Graham Boner comments “I was truly impressed with the technologies and range of solutions across multiple market sectors Diamond Phoenix Automation have available in their portfolio, so when they made an approach it was an easy decision to accept the position. I now look forward to working as part of their team to achieve further market penetration and project success.

Diamond Phoenix are a full service system integrator offering design, project management, installation and consultancy services. We are one of the industry’s leading designers and installers of ‘state of the art’ automated materials handling systems including;

  • Transportation systems. (Including all types of conveyors & LGV’s)
  • Full case picking systems. (Semi & fully automated case picking & palletising)
  • Broken case picking systems. (Including P2L,Horizontal & Vertical carousels, Voice, etc)
  • High bay warehousing systems.
  • Stacker cranes (Pallet and mini-load ASRS)
  • Software systems (Including WMS and picking)
  • Robotics (Gantry & Articulated robots)

Diamond Phoenix offices are in Milton Keynes. We have partnerships with various specialist providers across Europe & the USA and have successful projects for blue chip clients across various sectors such as;

  • Food & Beverage & Cold store
  • Mechanical & Spares
  • Lifestyle & Clothing
  • Building Industry
  • Woodworking Industry
  • E-commerce
  • Electronics, Pharma & Chemical

If you require any further information please view our website ( ) or contact Keith Washington if you have any

immediate questions. Alternatively joins us at the NEC for IMHX 2013. You can find us in the AMHSA Pavillion on stand # 19L143.