isat pallet satellites

isat is our pallet satellite storage system for high density loads typically with a low sku/total storage ratio.
Heights up to more than 40m.

• Accommodates various pallet sizes up to 1500kg
• Operating temperature range of -30°C
to + 60°C
• Speed up to 12 m/s
• Acceleration up to 0.6m/s
• Powered by Lithium polymer battery
• Up to 1200 cycles/charge
• Suitable for FIFO & LIFO
• Powerful 4 wheel drive system
• Wi-Fi communication

Degrees of automation.
• Manually controlled (via FLT)
• Semi-automated
• Fully automated (Shuttle or crane

Multipicker is the latest in our family of shuttles and the system is composed of a number of shuttles running on a pair of rails in the warehouse corresponding to levels of shelving. This is combined with high speed lift units positioned at the head of the aisle to transfer the load between levels.

• Max load weight: 30kg
• Load Dimns: 600mm x 400mm x 600mm
• Load Type: Plastic totes & cardboard cartons
• Speed: 240 m/min
• Acceleration 2m/s with load & 3m/s
• Cycle times:
2.5sec single deep.
3.5secs double deep
• Positioning by incremental encoder
• Power 24v DC via side rails
• WLAN communication

iMaster is the fully automatic equipment for the automation of multi-depth storage of pallets.
It is composed of:
- The Mother Shuttle

- Movement on rails that are perpendicular to the storage channels.
- The shuttle is powered by busbar
- Data transmission by busbar Ethernet –IP –conveyed waves
- Wireless data transmission with I Sat
- Positioning by using encoder system
- ISAT Battery/Capacitor charging system
- Chain conveyors
- Electrical cabinet with plc control system and drives system