Conveyor Maintenance & Support: Key issues

Why is maintenance of your conveyor and related systems important? The costs of the repair are usually the least of your worries. Damage to your good name is a cost you cant afford and failure to keep your system running efficiently, and repair quickly when needed, means failed deliverables and a loss of reputation no one wants. So good maintenance and highly skilled engineers used to diagnose and repair your systems promptly when they do let you down are critical to your organisation.

Below, we identify some of the most common reasons for breakdowns.
Emergency stop buttons are vulnerable by their very nature. Designed to fail to safe, they can be damaged and later stop your system at any time.

The number of stoppages due to this is amazing. A simple wipe with a duster and check for loose fixings on a regular basis can work wonders.

Worn & broken sprocket teeth caused by not following recommended maintenance procedures can lead to noise and vibration, broken seals, damaged shafts and worse.

Over or under tensioning of drive chains can lead to similar issues.

A regular point of failure due to the changing load requirements of many systems – this can also cause vibration throughout the system leading to other problems.

Modern Geared motors are extremely reliable but proper, regular maintenance is still required to avoid expensive failures.

Regular inspection throughout your system, especially at known points of vulnerability, is the best solution to keep it running to its optimum and to prevent unexpected failures.

At Diamond Phoenix we recognise that ongoing service & support are critical to the successful operation of our client’s enterprises. We offer our services for the support, maintenance, repair and upgrade of automated material handling systems provided by all manufacturers.

Diamond Phoenix Automation Ltd maintains a comprehensive network of service and maintenance engineers nationwide in the UK. They will repair & service your equipment on a determined schedule. As part of any annual service proposal, we also offer emergency breakdown support with an engineer guaranteed on site in less than 4hours to all but the most remote sites. We use teams based around the UK & Ireland – all coordinated through our own directly employed staff from our HQ in Central Milton Keynes – which can be accessed 24/7 through our 0800 priority telephone service.

Our customer base includes many blue chip companies. Clients utilising our service department in the UK include: Ikea, Lear Corporation, Wagg Petfoods, Nikon, Marks & Spencer, Dental Directory, Rolls-Royce, DHL, etc.

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