Order Routing

DirectPick™ Light-Directed Picking technology utilises a variety of lighted modules in a number of unique configurations to meet all of your picking application needs.

From order entry to replenishment, DirectPick™ Light-Directed Picking provides the flexibility you need to get products out the door fast. Configurable with an assortment of order fulfillment options, we'll work closely with you to develop a custom pick to light system that meets your specific needs.

Using small lights mounted on a rail, the system tells the operator what and how many to pick. When all items have been picked, the operator presses the button to indicate that the order is complete.


This is the simplest method of picking orders.


  • Fairly low activity and commonly smaller order sizes
  • Product typically stored in Pallet RackFlow Rack or static shelving and may be light directed in many cases
  • Picking method is based on man to goods concept
  • Operator uses paper lists, Light guidance, Voice direction or RF to pick the order
  • Order is completed by the operator travelling through multiple zones collecting the items required to fill the order
  • Once the order is complete it is brought to the next operation (consolidation, packing, shipping, etc.)



Remote Picking

Whether your operation involves logistics, inventory management, manufacturing, or returns processing, DirectPick™ Voice-Directed Distribution™ delivers improved performance, higher accuracy and a greater return on your investment.

Utilising DiamondWare™ DirectPick by Voice software and Vocollect's Voice-Directed Work™ solutions, voice-directed picking enables a two-way dialogue between your warehouse management system and distribution workers. The hands-free and task-focused solution is very easy for operators to learn; they listen and speak to the system as naturally as they talk to each other. In addition, it integrates with your existing distribution system and is flexible enough to grow and change right along with your operational needs.