Conveyor Systems

Case/tote Conveyors

  • Engineered to enable you to maintain a highly synchronous flow of materials
  • Choice of belt driven, line-shaft or motorised transportation conveyors based on the materials handled, rates required, ergonomic factors & the performance required
Transportation Conveyor Basic transportation conveyors can be belt conveyors, belt-driven roller conveyors, line-shaft driven roller conveyors, or motorised roller conveyors. Belt conveyors may be used in low speed applications, belt-driven roller conveyor may be used in higher speed applications, and line-shaft conveyors may be used for quiet handling and complex runs. Accumulation Conveyor Accumulation conveyors are used to control the flow of unit-loads. They can be controlled mechanically or electrically, can be contacting or non-contacting, and can provide low-pressure or zero-pressure accumulation. Typical applications are to create/manage material buffers before downstream handling or prepare loads on multiple conveyors prior to metering or inducting into a sortation system. The application of the conveyor equipment best suited to the task ensures it is used to its peak capabilities.  

Conveyor Systems / Sortation Systems

In manufacturing, the purpose of a conveyor system often is to maintain a highly synchronous flow of materials through a manufacturing process. In warehousing and distribution, the purpose may be to ensure proper flow and sortation of totes and cases using high speed sortation, servo-induction devices, merges, accumulation conveyors, transportation conveyors and other equipment. In either case, experience-based engineering is behind the conveyor systems solution. Whether considering load handling characteristics, ergonomics, performance, costs or throughput, our engineering experience ensures your conveyor system will exceed your needs.

Sortation Solutions

Sortation systems are used when a fairly high flow of cases, totes or pieces need to flow to different destinations. Destinations may be conveyors assigned to individual truck docks, truck routes, customer orders or other order consolidation assignments.

  • Range of sort rates available to ensure increased accuracy and reliability
  • Sortation technologies that allow you to flow items to different destinations such as conveyors assigned to individual truck docks, truck routes, customer orders or other order consolidation assignments


Pallet Conveyors

In partnership with Accalon of Sweden, we offer a full range of pallet conveyor systems. Conveyor systems are the highways of warehouses and distribution centers, allowing continuous material flow and a universal interface to all kinds of material handling equipment and manual operations. If designed to peak requirements, variations in the flow can be handled easily and efficiently. Our range of pallet conveyor products is based on a modular design, securing the benefits of economy in manufacturing and simplicity in installation.

  • Complete range available including chain, roller, vertical, gravity and shuttle conveyors
  • Intelligent pallet control
  • High quality modular design, which is shipped pre-wired, pre-tested and ready to power up
  • Standard mechanical and electrical interfaces to other automated systems
  • Server base user-friendly controls

Chain conveyor
Our powered chain conveyor features duplex chain for high durability. Chain conveyor modules can also be varied in pitch and height to suit the needs of the application. Multiple strand conveyors can be used for carrying different load sizes and pallet types in the same system.

Roller conveyor
Our powered roller conveyor features a robust design for reliability in intense operations. Roller conveyor modules can be varied in pitch and width to suit various pallet sizes and load weights, and can even be designed to accommodate multiple sizes of pallets in one system. The height of the conveyor can also be altered to suit the application (e.g., to ensure an ergonomic working height at order picking stations).

Vertical conveyors
Vertical conveyors provide a link between conveyors on different levels of a building. They can be equipped with different types of conveyors, as well as telescopic fork units, and can be used in many different applications. High capacity and durability are based on standard SRM controls.

Shuttle cars
Shuttle cars can be used to fast-feed pallets into and out of an automated warehouse or they may also be used to feed multiple order-picking stations. Shuttle cars can be used for transport routes where there is crossing forklift truck traffic (rail sunk into floor).